The Infinity Era

The Great Rebellion

  • 4,471,192,288 BCE - The Great Rebellion begins with the fires of Reh’leh in a distant, unknown galaxy. 
  • 9,435,617 BCE - The Grand Duchy of Scatter is finally eradicated with the sundering of their homeworld in the Saggitarius Arm. 
  • 7,257,441 BCE - The Agrarian world of Ev is glassed by the forces of the Caida
  • 6,927,557 BCE - The third moon of Maia is glassed by the forces of the Caida in the outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm.
  • 6,145,574 BCE - Refugees of the Great Rebellion arrive on the planet Earth, in the Orion Spur. 
  • 5,728,493 BCE - The Great Rebellion comes to an end with the sack of Paradise.

The Era of Collection

The Ages of Worship

  • 5,137,457 BCE - The D’jinn are encountered by the Junta and are the first to completely submit to the will of the Aboraz. The Collective is officially formed. 
  • 4,974,837 BCE - The planet of Ev is encountered by the Collective, and once more does another species submit to the Aboraz, believing them to be the angels of God. The Ummah is formed by the religious caste of the Evqi people, the second memberstate of the Collective. 

The Precursor Era


  • 4,474,837 BCE - Even though, at this time, the planet of Dissidia was a burning magmatic mess, something happened to the planet that sped up its overall transition from lava biome to ocean biome. Many aren't sure how this happened, but the fact still stands that it happened. 
  • 4,074,837 BCE - As a result of what was later called the Phenomenon, the world is now an ocean.
  • 4,064,131 BCE - Some ten thousand years later, the first continent is formed in an explosive convergence vent known as the Creation of Siohelen

The Grandiose Age

  • 3,874,837 BCE - The first known spores of the Dissidians are gestated within the Infinite Prairie. 
  • 3,974,837 BCE - The first Dissidian hatches from out the egg-spore and sees the world for the first time. 

The Age of Savagery

  • 2,974,837 BCE - Eventually, after all the egg-spores spawned Dissidians, they form tribes. These tribes then form an organizational ladder of tribes that all correlate to a head tribe, these are known as Clan Tribes. There are four notable Clan Tribes that control most of the Infinte Prairie: The Fearless Blue Tribe, the Invincible Bone Horde, the Dark Foot Children, and the Standing Eagle Clan. These four clan tribes compete with one another to gain full control over the knowledgeable areas of the Infinite Prairie. 

The Cataclysm

  • 1,974,837 BCE - While the four Clan Tribes fight for ultimate dominance, a new upcoming Clan Tribe known as the Precursors come to obtain the power of psionics. Thus, the Precursors lay waste to all other Clan Tribes in what is known as the Cataclysm

Battle of Delirium

  • 974,837 BCE - After the Catacylsm comes to an end around this time, the last surviving members of the four Clan Tribes depart the Infinite Prairie to find a new place to live. They traveled for almost three hundred years before finding the edge of the Kymt Ocean. Being facinated with the endless blue that is the Kymt Ocean, they wanted to know more about it. So they built a small civilization on the shore-line and called this small civilization "Esha Taesi". Although, it did not take the Precursors long to find Esha Taesi and thus moved to eradicate the last survivng members of the four Clan Tribes. But not without a fight. The Battle of Delirium happened with the lost of the Clan Tribes and the destruction of Esha Taesi.

War of the Eternal Night

  • 856,312 BCE - After the Battle of Delirium, this kick-started a "revolution". The tyranny of the Precursors destructive rule must be destroyed. So, the remaining tribes of the Infinite Prairie, that weren't destroyed during the Cataclysm, formed their own Clan Tribe that called themselves the Clan Mind (after obtaining the secrets to developing psionic abilities). So, the Clan Mind waged all-out psionic war against the Precursors in an attempt at releasing the Infinite Prairie of these destructors. This was to be called the War of the Eternal Night.

Siege of the Fallen Angels

  • 613,764 BCE - The final, and decisive, battle with the Clan Mind and the Precursors came when the Clan Mind sieged a Precursor settlement. What had been known was that this settlement was recruiting more warriors to the war effort and was the primary settlement of the Precursors. So, the Clan Mind, using this information, arrived at the settlement en masse to destroy them in one, decisive, battle. This battle, in Dissidian history, is the bloodiest and most talked about when referring to Dissidian ancestry. 

The Omega Event

  • 474,837 BCE - The Clan Mind, after having won the War of the Eternal Night some two hundred thousand years ago, decided to build a settlement in the same place as Esha Taesi. The decision was part of the elders who wanted to commerate the valiant struggle against the Pecursors. So the settlement was to be called New Esha Taesi. 
  • 424,837 BCE - However, twenty thousand years later, the Omega Event happened. The Omega Event was a psionic disruption that rippled throughout the entire planet. The Clan Mind, who were still psionics, were immediately effected by and thus only 1% of the total population of the Clan Mind still had their psionic powers. During this time, this was the near-death of psionics on Dissidia. 

The War of New Esha Taesi

  • 74,837 BCE - After the Omega Event had long past, the Dissidian people of New Esha Taesi looked towards technological advancement rather than psionic advancement (as most of the population had lost their psionic powers). New Esha Taesi had become a rather massive city, supporting well over hundreds of thousands of residents. But, this city was going to become the warzone for an upcoming struggle between the remaining Clan Mind and the people. When that 1%, representing the Clan Mind, overstepped the bounds of agreement as a Clan Tribe, the people immediately responded. The people believed that the Clan Mind, that had freed them from the tyranny of the Precursors, was taking advantage of their goodwill and tranquility to enforce the same sort of rule that the Precursors used during their time. So, the people waged war against the Clan Mind and their followers starting the War for New Esha Taesi. 

The Antikytherum Event

  • 4,837 BCE - The Antikythera Event was what started their shift towards the stars above and the knowledge contained within. What happened was, a meteorite fell from the heavens above and struck the planet with great force. Though this meteorite revealed itself to be an ancient interstellar tool. This tool, from the looks of things, could predict the movement of stars as well as compute unknown mathematical equations. So, the Clan Mind (who were the ones to discover this mechanism) called it the Antikytherum Mechanism whereby they started their own, advance, settlement, which would soon spread the development of steam later on. 

The Era of Relics

The Age of Foundation

  • 4000 BCE - The Bromiri, who weren’t even interstellar at the time, uncover their ancestral heritage. 
  • 3994 BCE - The Ancient Vasioians, known as the Vixnns, "colonize" the continent of Caesia and congregate themselves around where present day Glaucia resides. 
  • 3985 BCE - Dissidians develop the concept and study of Astrology. 
  • 3200 BCE - Civilization begins to develop once more amongst the refugees on the planet Earth, along the Nile and Euphrates rivers.
  • 3100 BCE - Following the deeds of the mysterious Saint Belka, the Austran warlord Dinnian proclaims himself emperor of the southern lands, moving his seat of power to the holy mountain that shared the Saint’s name.
  • 1900 BCE - The continent that would come to be known as Aleurone is conquered by the Austrans. Austran legions push into western Kasia and encounter the empire of Zhakistow.
  • 900 BCE - The Austrans encounter the Vendragan Kingdoms, beginning a period that is known as the Vendragan Wars, fought across three continents - Scatter’s first ‘world war’.
  • 78 BCE - After centuries of intermittent warfare, both the Austrans and Vendragans regard the Vendragan Wars as a stalemate, and form a peace. A marriage between the Austran heir and a Vendragan princess comes to fruition with the coronation of the Austran prince, beginning the Scatterran calendar with the date 0 AC.
  • 4 BCE - Jesus Christ is born on Earth.
  • 221 CE - The Austran hegemony is challenged with the rise of the Trinatian faith.

Modern Era

The Age of Austra

  • 587 CE - Engaged in a multitude of wars with rising Trinatian powers, the Saren Austrans are further challenged with the rise of the Sunnah in the former Zhakistowi Empire.
  • 1142 CE - The last Austran Emperor is slain without an heir, the remaining territories of the Austran Empire fall into civil war and warlordism. The subterranean city of Belka is lost to a tremendous earthquake, and its precise location is lost to time.
  • 1417 CE - The Oriyak Tsardom is formed the the Tsarov dynasty and soon becomes the world's premier Saren power, claiming to be the 'second Belka'.
  • 1567 CE - The first elements of the Collective arrive in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • 1801 CE - Under the banner of Augustus Dollmann, Helmut von Porath unites the Austran peninsula through war and diplomacy, leading to the proclomation of the Second Austran Empire.
  • 1860 CE - The successor state of Austra-Ungarn comes under the influence of the Ushean League, sparking the Ushean Conflict.
  • 1871 CE - The Ushean Conflict comes to an end, with Austra, Oriyak and the Western Allies as the victors. Austra is rewarded with most of the former colonies of the Ushean Aleuronic powers. 
  • 1895 CE - Following the death of the Austran crown prince, the Triple Alliance (Austra, Oriyak and Vitestovakia) declare war on the Kingdom of Veri, beginning what is known in Scatterran history as the Great War.
  • 1899 CE - Beaten back to their homeland and under threat of invasion, the Kaiserin Zofia III unknowingly orders the nuclear bombing of a multitude of cities across Aleurone. In the wake of this event, Zofia abdicates in shame, and the Austran Empire unconditionally surrenders to the Western Pact, ending the Great War.
  • 1907 CE - Following the end of the Oriyak Civil War, a disgraced Austran infantryman by the name of Johannes Dietrich returns from his imprisonment to Austra and is disgusted by the languishing of his countrymen under foreign occupation. Adopting the pseudonym of Otto Kampf, he formulates a socialist ideology that would come to be known as Volkism, proceeds to overthrow the provision occupation government, founding the Volksrepublik Sudreich, and is hailed as the savior of Sarenism and the Austran people. 
  • 1909 CE - The International Coalition of Organized Governments is formed in Aleurone. A socio-economic bloc, it aims to restore stability and prosperity to a region ravaged by war and nuclear fire.
  • 1934 CE - Otto Kampf is assassinated by an unknown party, and the weaker members of the Austran politburo are left to manage the nation. His child, born of a tryst with the former Kaiserin, is spirited away to a foster family in the north of Austra.
  • 1955 CE - Leutnant Josef Scherzinger is deployed to Seshakone as part of the Pact of Steel's expeditionary force to quell Meddinian uprisings. At the Battle of Nylstroom he leads his men to victory after assuming command in the wake of his CO's death, his men hailing him by his true name - Josef Kampf. He returns home a national hero.
  • 1964 CE - Parasite Six first appears in Samoiznya, in the depths of Oriyak, and spreads like wildfire. Despite the low infection rate, it has near complete lethality, and inspires widespread fear and panic amongst the popluation of Kasia and Aleurone. Untold numbers of Oriyak refugees flee into northern Austra, and Kampf is simply one of many officers deployed to contain the threat of the parasite's spread. 
  • 1969 CE - Inspired by his own daughter's death at the hands of Six, Josef Kampf is spurred on by like-minded members of the Austran military to seize power. In a swift coup, Kampf and his allies seize the capital of Dinsmark, and force the military council to abdicate power to Josef and his co-conspirators, marking the beginning of the Seven Years of Silence.
  • 1976 CE - The Seven Years of Silence come to a close as the Austran Volksrepublik declares war on ICON, rallying the banners of nationalist and independent powers across the globe to form the Confederacy of Independent States. War soon envelops all of Scatter.

Era of Rapture

The Age of Desolation

  • 1980 CE - Despite nearly achieving victory, the Confederates lose their advantage in the war, and are gradually beaten back to the seats of their power. Despite ICON offering generous terms of surrender, in a bold and stunning move the confederate senate votes to exile themselves in preference to surrender. With volunteer forces deployed to hold back the Coalition onslaught, the majority of the confederate civilian and martial populace is evacuated from Scatter and embark on what is known as the Exodus, fleeing beyond the borders of the solar system. This date marks the beginning of the Imperial Scatterran Calendar, 0 AE - After Exodus.
  • 1983 CE - The planet Tannhauser is colonized by the exiled Confederates.
  • 1983 CE - A warrior king arises in the Hydri system: after a ruthless purge of peoples deemed 'responsible' for the Exodus War, the worlds of the system are haphazardly reorganized to suit a new empire. The Hydrian Scourge descends upon the system, reconquering not only the orbit of Scatter, but also Presira (Crawl) and the invaluable metal world of Somersted (renamed Ezrit post-conquest): a military expansion takes place.
  • 1983 CE - The Warrior King christens a helm that has become known as the Hydrian Crown. It will become lost to history, being torn from the heads of the fallen Hydratine commanders and then forgotten in the struggles of the core. 
  • 2009 CE - The system of Beta Hydri is conquered, and with it the material resources of an entire system are brought under the control of a single clan. Under the guise of the 'true king', Hydri is restored to a semblance of it's power the likes of which has not been witnessed since the Exodus. Once again, another massive army forms to not only conquer the stars beyond Hydri, but to reunify all the remnants of the Scatterran race. The First Hydrian War begins.
  • 2010 CE - On his deathbed deathbed the Great King Svorun declares the race of true men, the Hydratines, sole inheritors of the galaxy. A 'new people' forged by war, tempered by suffering, and strengthened by the cruel demands of space, must begin another Exodus. They must go farther than the Hydrian colonies, propelling mankind into the heart of the Garden itself.
  • 2025 CE - After narrowly scraping together a resistance to the Hydratines, the trading empires beyond the Hydri system enter a renaissance known as the Great Return - condemning both the Hydratines and the 'old' ages of Scatter to history. A flourishing new culture begins to claw its way out of the primordial chaos of nuclear warfare, with the Insular colonies having grown to become legitimate but fractured states in and of themselves
  • 2027 CE - After a massive revolt in newly conquered territories and systems, the Second Hydrian War begins anew. The Hydratines seek to disband the growing power of the Insular states with yet another invasion. While initially successfull, in the coming years the Hydratines are reversed from their gains.
  • 2038 CE - With their armies ground to a halt, particularly on the frontiers of a small colony known as Barresab which enters history as the turning point of a grand new world, the Hydratines sue for peace. Instead of the Insulites being vanquished, it is the Hydratine empire itself showing cracks in its once strong foundations. A long, simmering war of attrition begins.
  • 2051 CE - The First Extrasolar War begins between the Confederacy and the Electorate over the flashpoint created by the rogue colony of Ghorbani.
  • 2060 CE - The First Extrasolar War comes to a halt as an armistice is negotiated between the Confederacy and the Electorate. However, the negotiations for peace come to a startling halt as the Confederate capital on Tannhauser is vaporized in a nuclear explosion, consuming both the senate and the Electorate's envoys. In a surprising turn of events, the formerly decrepit patron of the Confederacy, Josef Kampf, who many had thought to perish with the senate, appears on broadcasts across the Confederacy as he did in his youth. Beyond that, this youthful figure boldly insinuates that the atomic strike on Tannhauser was the Electorate's attempt to secure an immediate victory over the Scatterran exiles. Paired with this shocking claim, this seeming resurrected states declared himself Emperor of the Scatterran peoples by right of his mother, founding the Scatterran Supremacy just minutes before reneging on the armistice with the Electorate. 
  • 2063 CE - The First Extrasolar War comes to a close as the Electorate is completely eradicated, and its populace put to the sword. This harsh treatment of their foe, both alien and defected Scatterrans, lead to a sizeable minoroty of the Supremacy's population to break away in armed revolt which begin the Supremacy's Wars of Unification. In reaction to the burgeoning civil war, Josef Kampf founds the Imperial Assembly, as well as the first noble houses.
  • 2129 CE - In a last ditch effort, the Hydratines attack the outer states of the Core in one final gambit for conquest. Their plans foil as Carpathia of Dividia, a powerful ruling queen of a Hydratine dynasty, defects from the empire and sides with the Insulite states of Coria. Her empire buffers the Core from the waves of the last Hydrian Scourge, lasting six more years until her death which leads to the birth of the Rose Throne.
  • 2173 CE - Following the conclusion of the Wars of Unification, the Supremacy enjoys a brief period of peace before the psychic uprising known as the Mind War. Psychics, largely unregulated up until this point in the Supremacy, who sympathized with the rebellious confederates' cause strike at several vital positions through the Supremacy, managing to assassinate the empress and wound the crown princess. The Psykorps is formed as part of the Landwachter's sixth department, and in the following year extremely harsh restrictions are placed upon psykers in the Supremacy. 
  • 2184 CE - With the Rose Throne's supremacy in the Core threatened by the ultra-nationalist, secular Blue League, the First Core War destroys the peace established with the fall of the Hydratine Empire. Despite a numerical advantage, the League's military scores several ground and naval victories against the Royal Levies.
  • 2192 CE - Forced to the table by the two young alliances the Rose Throne, Blue League and Inner Allies of the Core decide to establish themselves as the Central (or Core) Powers of a new confederated system of nations within the Garden. The Coalition is reborn after nearly two centuries, though left largely defunct by the powers that be who cherish their unilateral sovereignty. 
  • 2228 CE - The Scatterran Supremacy reestablishes contact with the (now) Interstellar Coalition, and in lieu of establishing diplomatic channels, the Imperial Assembly votes for a unanimous declaration of war against their ancient foe. The conflict would come to be known in imperial circles as the War of Second Contact, the initial stage of the First Garden War. 
  • 2343 CE - The Supremacy establishes first contact with the enigmatic Collective, and after refusing to submit themselves to their authority are fired upon by the foreign vessels. The Crusade of First Contact, known to the greater galaxy as the Collective Crisis, begins with a devastating loss for the Supremacy.
  • 2347 CE - The Gardenites of ICON encounter the destructive Collective three years later, which begins a conflict known as the Contact War in the Western Garden. The Contact War rages for nearly half a century and hundreds of planets are razed, though the Collective are beaten back from their initial victories by both the Coalition and Supremacy.
  • 2380 CE - Emboldened by their victories against first the Supremacy, and then Collective, the Central Powers squabble over the division of the loot and the Second Core War erupts - on one of the same worlds they once combined forces to fight the alien invaders.
  • 2383 CE - As the Collective draws ever closer to the imperial capital, the Supremacy's third starfleet, lead by Admiral Volstad Stier, sallies forth against the foe and wins a stunning victory at the stellar formation known as Tannhauser Gate, turning the tide of the Collective Crisis in the Supremacy's favor. 
  • 2395 CE - With the alien menace contained, for now, the Coalition and Supremacy meet as calm rivals to partition the Garden into their respective spheres. Despite their militaries and populations, large sectors of space still end up beyond control of their respective constituents. These territories are held, and colonized, jointly by the Hegemon and Gardenites under the mantle of the Commonwealth of Garden States. This leads to the growth of the Edenites, Scatterran and Terran mixed minorities who often rule over their respective colonies.
  • 2416 CE - The Collective Crisis effectively ends as the last worlds in the Garden taken by the alien power are liberated by Supremacy and Apparatus forces. The armistice between the Coalition and Supremacy, formed on the foundation of their cooperative efforst for survival in the face of alien aggression,is signed - ending the First Garden War as well. The era is known as Pax Australis, and Pax Coria, in the respective realms. 

Era of Prosperity

The Age of Salvation

  • 2450 CE - Deep in the Outer Garden, a volkist revolution overthrows the small and ineffective Coalition memberstates, the Soviet State of Oriyak Republics is formed and a minor border war begins. 
  • 2473 CE - After nearly half a century of rule, the foundation begins to buckle as the Commonwealth has grown to become a monolithic yet disparate group of petty states and empires. While they become an economic power almost rivaling their fatherlands, ethnic strife and competition handicaps any attempts at making the Commonwealth a true galactic power.
  • 2501 CE - Threatened with a growing power in the Outer Garden and encroaching efforts of the Commonwealth for more territory and peoples, the Apparatus oversees several major states breaking away from the Commonwealth to join the Coalition. Many other independence groups are bankrolled and armed by the various alliances of the Coalition as well.
  • 2503 CE - Deep in the border regions of the Coalition, Soviet States and Commonwealth, the planet of Hadden is rocked by a war that inevitably renders the planet inhospitable and eventually totally destroyed. The gross negligence of the Coalition's forces becomes an international incident that threatens to sunder the peace in the Garden. 
  • 2511 CE - After nearly a century of authoritarian rule, the Federate becomes more of a threat to the individual memberstates of the Coalition and the wider alliances. Spontaneous demonstrations and protests erupts into a low intensity conflict across several regions of space while the ruling powers of the Federate are shaken to their core.
  • 2526 CE - In the border regions between the Razorbacks (ICON) and the Western Frontier (Supremacy) increased pirate activity leads to an uptick of military deployments on both sides, threatening a once peaceful region where the factions cohabited.