Governmental Authority


Where the Reichsversammlung is the last vestige of democracy in the Supremacy, so too is SARDAS the last remaining shard of capitalism in this realm of absolute autocracy. SARDAS, the Scatterran Arms and Research Development Administrative Syndicate, or simply the Syndicate as it is known in the common Imperial vernacular, is the economic lynchpin for the entire Supremacy. Headquartered on Tannhäuser, though in truth its true center of power lies on the hell-world of Rienzi - the oldest of the worlds slated exclusively for industrial production - the Syndicate is managed by a council of twenty Chief Executive Officers with a twenty-first officer presiding as Supreme Executive Officer. This council meets twice a month on Rienzi to discuss matters pertinent both to the Syndicate and to the Supremacy which they serve. Though to be held responsible to both the Crown and the Civil Government, the Syndicate often skips the latter and solicits permission for their actions solely from the former.

The Syndicate controls all means of production, but can only partially utilize or acquire the materials needed to run such a massive industry on its own. Instead, through handicaps intentionally designed into their organization by the Emperor, they must rely on the efforts of the noble houses and civil government to acquire the resources needed for any significant amount of production. It is a cycle, as the houses and civil government themselves require the production facilities that only the Syndicate possess in order to produce any manufactured items required. One cannot function properly without the other, and so good relations and cooperation are a requirement for any noble house that wishes to survive in the hostile political environment of the Supremacy. In this separation of power, House Kampf prevents upstart houses from mounting any effective long-term rebellion by eliminating their means of production, and keeps the Syndicate’s power entirely reliant on the various houses’ desire to cooperate with them.

SARDAS has a presence on almost every world in the Supremacy, though it might not be in the form of a factory but rather a spaceport, a university or a simple recruiting office. Trillions work and even serve in the Syndicate, as the Syndicate maintains its own standing army and navy, meant to protect their own facilities from sabotage by enemies foreign and domestic, and stave off assault from the same until the forces of the civil government can arrive to alleviate the assault. With an extensive fleet meant to safeguard the tradelands of the Supremacy and well-trained mercenaries hailing from every branch of the service, the power that decides the Syndicate to be easy-picking will soon face a harsh reckoning.

Syndicate Administrative Council

Formed with the establishment of the Syndicate in 2076, the council has gradually expanded to its current size as necessity has dictated, the council’s primary objective is to oversee the various efforts - research, production and trade - that the Syndicate dabbles in and that its course is as the Emperor wishes and that the results are to his liking. From Small Arms Manufacturing and Production to Psychic Research and Development, each department covers a niche area which is purely their responsibility, and their appointment by the SEO may be revoked at any time for incompetence, corruption or failure of any sort. The SEO is, of course, appointed by the Imperial House and may be sacked at any time at their discretion for the very same reason the SEO is granted the power to deal with their own underlings in the same fashion.

Twice every month the Council meets at the Syndicate’s de facto headquarters on Rienzi, with the council members coming from nearly every corner of the Supremacy to attend. Typically the meetings take little longer than a day, though when significant discrepancies or setbacks are brought to light, an extended session may be called for by the SEO. Should any member of the Council be absent from its meeting without excuse, an official inquiry within the Syndicate will be launched and - should it be deemed necessary by the internal echelons of SARDAS according to evidence gathered - the Verhör will be contacted.

Syndicate Security Forces

Though in truth more of a mercenary security force than a legitimate army, the presence of the SSF shows that there is some truth to the Coalite joke that in the Supremacy “everyone has an army”. Largely raised to protect both production facilities and the trade-lanes of the Syndicate, the SSF is known to engage in anti-piracy and law enforcement operations, among other, less honorable, pursuits. Comprised partially of discharged, rejected or retired members of the other branches of the armed services, the SSF also fields large numbers of otherwise alien forces in the Supremacy, from Krokodil Marines to weaponized Legionaries, producing an unorthodox, if elite, force in imperial service. 

Motivated, much like their masters, by greed and profit, the SSF is often contracted out to third-parties, serving who could otherwise be seen as the enemies of the Supremacy, if only because they’re paying well. They will often engage any foe so long as it is not the Supremacy or her allies, should their employers have enough coin.