Official Name, National Anthem & Slogan 


The official name for the Collective is the Collective of Constellations. Although it does not have any other names other than the Collective and the Collective of Constellations. This is merely due to the fact that there is very little information to provide about the Collective.

Even more so that they do not have, or there is no present information, on their national anthem. However they do have a slogan and it is the following:

Peace through Power,
Power through Unity,
Unity through the Collective.

Government and Population

Government and Legislation

The Collective are a Autocratic Intergalactic Alliance that is 65% Authoritarian on the Democractic-Authoritarian spectrum, 55% Politically Left on the Political Left-Right spectrum, 55% Socially Left on the Social Left-Right spectrum, 55% in favor for Open Society on the Open-Close Society spectrum, 80% Hawk Lobby on the Hawk-Dove spectrum, 80% Interventionists on the Interventionist-Isolationist spectrum, 75% Nationalists on the Nationalist-Pacifist spectrum, and (finally) 70% Modern on the Modern-Obsolete spectrum.

There is no such information that can be provided on the key members of government.

However, their legislation, as concerned by few, is heralded by the Dusa.

Their (current) homeworld is Ealio; their former being Reh'leh.


Population Breakdown

  • Aboraz - Speculated to be hydrogen-based beings able to withstand the high density and pressure within gas giants, the Aboraz are the angelic and horrifying overlords of the Collective, ruling the alliance as their own sovereign state. The Aboraz can shape their gaseous mass to almost any form which assists greatly in negotiation and simple communication with most carbon-based beings, with most Aboraz unnervingly fluent in a myriad of carbon-based tongues. Many in the Collective regard them as angels, the guardians and stewards of God’s realm in his absence, but those in realms such as the Hegemony consider them to be among the foulest demonic entities.

D'jinn - A reptilian people that had evolved on a planet orbiting a red giant, developing thick, scaly hides to deal with the excessive radiation. Such adaptations have gifted the D'Jinn with a limited sort of natural armor, able to resist damage to a degree. They are incredibly industrious and place a great deal on honor, especially in combat. The concept of surrender has no accompanying word in the language of the D’jinn. The D'jinn are often bred for the role of warriors in society, though they play roles in the industrial and religious fields as well.

G'lakkh - A massive, bony-plated race, standing on average at about seven feet, they reproduce asexually through spores. Their homeworld was quite devoid of resources, stripped in a previous era, with only a single moon and several broken rings surrounding it. Many would mistake the G'lakkh role in Collective society for slavery, but it is a willing symbiotic relationship that they have pursued - the G'lakkh provide labor and shock troops for their Aboraz lords, and the Aboraz in turn allow the G'lakkh to take advantage of the position of member-race of the Collective, and all the economic and social benefits that entails.Essentially, they are the Collective’s “blue-collar man”.

Relos - A tall, furred race possessing lax regulations regarding life and its pursuits. They possessed a kleptocratic and brutally oppressive state before the Relosian people were liberated by the Aboraz, and they have never forgotten the favor paid to them by the angels. Anything goes in Relosian society, save that everything is done from a fair standpoint, especially in so far as the judicial system is concerned. Such a neutral outlook has given them an affinity for communication and negotiation both inside the Collective and out of it, Relosians often becoming economists, stock-brokers, merchants, and logistical officers.

Sadik - A twisted race of former Scatterrans, the Sadik are the addled creations of the machinations of their own Caliphs and the Aboraz who rule them, crafted to be the ultimate pawns in the great game. With heightened metabolisms and manufactured immunities to a wide variety of chemical and biological weapons, the Sadik breed like rabbits with lifespans half that of much of civilized space - half due to their metabolism, and half due to rampant, incurable squalor and poverty.

Scatterrans - Those who have defected to live within the borders of the Collective and serve its great and noble goals, these Scatterrans are often shunned by the rest of their kind as traitors to their race and their respective nations. Though perhaps the smallest of the factions within the Collective and the Dusa, numbering only in the low trillions, they are easily the most ambitious and, as typical of their people, excessively violent.

Languages Spoken and Religions Practiced

Language(s) Spoken

  • Sadiki - 94%, Trade Language, Taught in Public Education
  • D'jinn - 87%, Official Language, Taught in Public Education
  • G'lakkh - 62%, Taught in Public Education
  • Relosian - 47%,
  • Scatterran Tongues - 22%,
  • Aboraz - Data Unavailable

Religion(s) Practiced

  • One True Faith - 100%

Research found in the Collective

The Collective research is as follows:

  • Biomechanoid Technology - The last remnant of God's Kingdom, the Collective possess but shadows of the secrets known to those architects of the Universe, but among them are a plethora of biological means to technological ends. Tools, weapons, vehicles, ships and more are grown by many of the client races of the Aboraz to suit their needs, and while somewhat expensive, it is a cost-effective method - who else can claim that their weapons, their armor, their ships, truly learn from each battle, each task, completed? Few, if any. From day-to-day struggles to the never-ending campaign to restore God's light, these biomechaniod wonders ease the burden.

Genetic Engineering - Again an echo of that-which-was, the Collective can not only still produce these biomechanoid tools of paradise, but modify them, and design new ones. From the Sadik to their ships, everything is being perfected for the struggle, and it is only through what little they have preserved of Paradise - or reclaimed.

Large-Scale Terra/Joviforming


The Fleet

[There is no present information concerning the Fleet]

The Jihad

[There is no present information concerning the Jihad]


The Collective's currency is reported as being called Dinar ("Dinars", plural), and that their GDP is currently unknown. This unknown economy is housed under an unknown government department.

However their economic tendencies has been reported as such is the following:

  • 70% are they in favor of Open Market than Closed Market
  • 50% are they in favor of neither Command or Free Economy
  • 80% are they in favor of Competition than Sustenance
  • 90% are they in favor of Automated Production than Manual Production
  • 100% are they in favor of Modern Agriculture than Simple Husbandry

Their major exports and imports are not reported at this time. However what is being reported is that they have "Extensive Biomechanical Technology" as part of their unique manufacturing. However that is all that can be said on the Collective's economy.

Brief History

[There is no present information concerning their history]

Legal Stances

Legal Drinking Age:

Aboraz - N/A D’jinn - 24 Cycles G’lakkh - 12 Cycles Relos - 16 Cycles Sadik - 8 Cycles Scatterran - 18 Cycles

Driving Age:

Aboraz - N/A D’jinn - 20 Cycles G’lakkh - 8 Cycles Relos - 15 Cycles Sadik - 6 Cycles Scatterran - 16 Cycles

Age of Sexual Consent/Adult Classification:

Aboraz - N/A D’jinn - 20 Cycles G’lakkh - 12 Cycles Relos - 15 Cycles Sadik - 5 Cycles Scatterran - 16 Cycles

Military Enlistment:

Aboraz - N/A D’jinn - 18 Cycles G’lakkh - 8 Cycles Relos - 15 Cycles Sadik - 4 Cycles Scatterran - 14 Cycles

Voting Age:

Aboraz - N/A D’jinn - 20 Cycles G’lakkh - 12 Cycles Relos - 15 Cycles Sadik - 5 Cycles Scatterran - 18 Cycles

Reproduction: Unrestricted.

Status of Drugs:

Firearms: Lightly regulated, in the form of background checks and short waiting periods.

Death Penalty: Legal.

Speed Limit: Varies depending on the world.


The One, True Faith - State-religion, various sects and subsects are accepted. All others - Practice is considered a felony and punishable by death.

Pornography: Legal, age restrictions apply.

Prostitution: Legal.

Polygamy: Varies based on memberstate.

Homosexuality: Varies based on memberstate.

Stem Cell Research: Legal.

Cloning: Legal.

Slavery: Legal.

Hunting: Legal.

Consumption of Meat: Legal.

Litter: Illegal, punishment varies based on world.

Suicide: Legal.

Gay Marriage: Tolerated.

Abortion: Legal.

Sexual Activity:

Pedophilia - Illegal, punishable by death. Beastophilia - Illegal, punishable by death. Xenophilia - Legal. Rape - Illegal, punishable by death.

Obscenity: Illegal, punishment varies based on memberstate and world.

Taxation Systems:

Prerequisites for Citizenship:

Automatic Citizenship: Be born into any of the member races or states.

Partial Citizenship: Accept the One True God Serve ten cycles service in the armed forces, or twenty cycles in civil service.

Prohibited Immigration/Visitation: Scatterrans not defecting.

Censorship of Media: Very high.